Temple in blue and yellow

Lion’s den-feeling for 24,474 spectators.. Home of the Braunschweig Eintracht and the German record champions in American football, the New Yorker Lions. The largest athletics stadium in Northern Germany and an acclaimed venue for numerous - and international - track and field athletics events. A temple in blue and yellow. The Eintracht Stadium. A modern multifunctional arena with a volatile history, firmly intermeshed with the club, the city and companies from the region. And the trigger for the first citizen survey in the history of the Lion City: More than 60 per cent of Braunschweig’s residents voted in 2011 for a contemporary modernisation of "their" stadium. It was worth it: With its outer façade of blue and yellow lamellae, the new forecourt with the Kubus, the extended grandstands and a large business area covering more than 2,000 square metres, the Eintracht Stadium is today a modern but also traditional event venue in Braunschweig.